The mission of Delta Solutions is to provide innovative growth strategies to our clients driven by research, analytics, and experience. We strive to deliver superior results to each client we work with while remaining transparent, ethical, and creative.

Current Projects



URTURN is a tech startup that aims to help the “forgotten middle” high school students stay on track to graduate and receive a higher education degree. It is a platform that uses distinct algorithms proven to track the progress of each individual student allowing them to reach their future educational goals.

Mission: Provide insight and experience drawn from years of research that students, parents, and counselors can use to keep students on track for high school graduation and beyond. If a student gets off track, our smart advising tool provides access to research-backed interventions designed to get students back on a pathway to success. Our tools and experience transform the traditional electronic grade-book experience into a powerful, data-driven, proactive smart-advisor framework for families and educators.


Delta Solutions Is working with URTURN to develop innovative growth strategies to help expand brand awareness and promote the product to a larger demographic.

We constructed three teams to provide the best insights driven by research and experience. These teams include: Brand Management, Strategic Marketing Channels, and On-ramp Opportunities.

Stay tuned for final deliverables!




A S I Y A 

Asiya is a non-profit company that aims “to help enable more muslim girls & women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs."

Delta Solutions helped Asiya to expand their brand exposure through a brand ambassador program, social media strategies, and a community outreach plan.


L O C A L  C R A T E 

Local Crate mission: "We believe that we have a social responsibility to support our community and the great state of Minnesota. In every Local Crate you will find as much locally sourced produce and meats as possible with step by step recipe cards."

Delta Solutions provided Local Crate with create insights on how to differentiate their brand from competitors such as Blue Plate and Hello Fresh. Deliverables included an experiential program template as well as a recommendation to increase acquisition and retention. 



Delta Solutions is a consulting team that aims to help local startups and nonprofits to improve their current business model by providing creative insights and recommendations that are tailored to each client's unique needs and goals. Delta Solutions is comprised of of talented undergraduate students ranging from freshmen to seniors. Educational and experiential backgrounds include marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain, MIS, entrepreneurship, and HR. We are always seeking to partner with new clients and would love to meet with your company to assess any needs or advice you may be seeking. If you have any questions, please contact Adam LeMay at